Custom Solid Wheels

Properties Tread Material*
  DuraTred PP1095 Urethane
Durometer Hardness, Shore A 92 95
Tensile Strength, psi High High
Ultimate Elongation, % Med High
100% Modulus, psi High High
Tear, Die B High High
Compression Set, 22 Hrs @ 212 F Low Med
Tread Critical Temperature, F High Low
Coefficient of Friction High Low
    Hysteresis Low Med
    Abrasion Resistance Very High Very High
    Dry Traction High Low
    Wet Traction Med Low
    Water Resistance High Med
    Oil Resistance @ Room Temperature High High
    Cleaning Chemical Resistance High High
    Oxygen, Ozone, UV Resistances High Med-High
    Adhesion to Steel High (100% Rubber Failure) High (100% Urethane Failure)
*Property values are typical and can vary dependent on processing conditions

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